Welcome to the Bookhive! I’m glad you’ve found us. What is The Bookhive? I’m glad you asked. It’s threefold.

Used Bookshop & Bookish Goods

-Buy used books. Some may call them pre-loved.

-Buy new releases from our bookshop.org shop

-Check out our handmade block prints with literary sayings and nature-inspired designs.

Book Recs, Book Talks, and Blogs, oh my!

-Get generally and possibly overly excited by book lists and recommendations for your endless TBR.

-Enjoy this blog about nerdy book things, travel, and the two of those combined.

Workshops & Pop-Ups

-Join a summer camp!

-Visit one of our pop up shops.

Okay, so maybe I crammed more than three things into three categories, but whatever. I want The Bookhive to be a place to find your favorite read, but also be a community where we can read, write, and nerd out together.

I’m glad you’re here!


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